Tuesday, April 06, 2010

Spring? (79/100)

Your correspondents spent an evening in seaside Jurmala for a conference. The beach is looking significantly different from the last time we were there. Not different enough to be totally ice free, but we're taking every bit of progress we can get.

We did, by the way, get to stay in a fabulous spa hotel (view from our balcony above), which featured a swimming pool where they blasted new age music to help you relax (which we tried), and an offer to do a real Northeast-Europe sauna experience where you enter a super-hot room, put on a wool hat, and allow an attendant to beat you with birch branches (which we didn't fit into our busy schedule, although our local friends swear it's wonderful).

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Anonymous said...

So... you passed on the beatings with birch branches whist dressed in a woolen hat?!?! But it sounds so... so... so..... festive?! LOL!

And I LOVED the pictures! They are gorgeous!