Thursday, April 01, 2010

Bobsled Take 2 (74/100)

After our skeleton racing (still waiting to get pictures from other attendees of your faithful correspondent on the sled - since there could be no photography while on the sled, as one is obliged to hang on for dear life instead), we were invited to take the super-tourist bobsled down the course. For a price, one can ride an actual (retired) competition bobsled, which your correspondents did a month ago. For a significantly lower price, one can ride this device, a padded box that uses pvc pipes for runners rather than metal blades. It's still quick, but a lot slower than the real bob. The advantage is, due to significantly lower g's fighting against you, it's easy to hold a camera up for the whole duration of the trip. Results above. Shouts and screams courtesy of Latvia's greatest rapper "T.I. Double."

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