Monday, April 19, 2010

Do You Like American Culture (Part 2)? (92/100)

These are details from an installation piece in the Kas Ir Makslas? Gallery ("What Is Art?"). This is a piece by Paul DeMarinis, an American with a long career of electronic and computer-based art. This piece was three different mechanisms that spelled out DeMarinis's e-mail one letter at a time. This one was all the letters of the alphabet cut out of metal and kept in pickling jars full of some sort of chemical. As electric current was applied to each letter, it would fizz. The other two were cool but slightly less photogenic. It was fun to watch, and your correspondent was very happy to see actual contemporary art, a field in which has more or less been centered in New York since 1945 or so, getting some State Department love as "American Culture."

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