Thursday, April 22, 2010

Kuldiga (95/100)

In addition to stopping by Europe's Widest Waterfall, we wandered through scenic Kuldiga. Pretty town, but, uh, not a lot going on. The predominant feature of the town is gorgeous woodwork on sad, abandoned buildings. I know the Holla has put a lot of pictures of these kinds of buildings up. We find them pretty and interesting. More of that from Kuldiga wasn't really our goal, but that's most of what there is. There didn't even seem to be many people around, other than out-of-towners stopping by the waterfall.

We stopped by the one restaurant/pub that seemed to be open and they told us they were out of toast. Toast! This probably doesn't strike many Americans as being as weird as it ought to, but garlic toast is the standard bar snack here -- It's like going to a burger joint in the U.S. and being told they're out of french fries.

And yet, I'm glad we went. It was not somewhere I'll be relocating any time soon, but it was a pleasant day out of the Metropolis of Riga.

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