Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Dancing Lady (87/100)

It must be Spring, because the Dancing Lady is back! Hurrah! This lady of some years can be spotted at this exact location just about any day when the weather is nice. She plays some music on a boombox, throws a hat on the ground, and dances. It's the exact same dance, any time you go by -- she puts her hands in a position as if ballroom dancing with an imaginary partner, and sort of does a swirly back-and-forth jig. She supposedly isn't in it for the money people toss in the hat (although she does keep a close eye on it), but rather just dances to make people happy. It definitely makes your humble correspondent happy to have her back out on Livu Square dancing up a storm.


Brian... said...
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Brian... said...

A quick youtube search confirms that she is not only awesome but incredibly consistent with her dance moves. Sweet.