Thursday, April 15, 2010

Happy Week of American Food (88/100)

We're celebrating a "Month of American Culture" in April, as the Embassy has put on an all-out blitz of cultural events, from Cajun music concerts to dance performances to art exhibits and everything in between. One chain of cafeterias is this week celebrating a concurrent "Week of American Food." It's a cool idea, so your correspondent stopped by for lunch to support it.

I guess our cuisine is sort of hard to define. The most admirable elements of our collective cuisine, I would say, might not translate well to a cafeteria setting. But there are options. Burgers are a pretty safe bet. The sandwich I chose was a "Chicken burger in corn sauce." It was pretty good. A little more Mayo in the "corn sauce" than I might have gone for, but that's Latvia sometimes. I will leave it for readers Stateside to nominate their favorite local joint to pick up a chicken sandwich with mayo-corn-sauce.


Erin said...

Corn sauce.

Dan said...

You want me to pick a favorite local chicken-burger-with-corn-sauce joint? You monster! It's like Sophie's can I pick just one?