Friday, January 29, 2010

The Ice of the Baltic (12/100)

It has been chilly of late. Cold enough for the Baltic Sea to freeze. Technically, I guess this picture is from the Gulf of Riga, which is shallow and fairly well protected from waves. But it's still salt water, and it's still very much subject to tides and therefore always ebbing and flowing, even if the waves aren't exactly surf-able. The staff photographer went out to see it near sunset and took pictures until he couldn't adjust the camera settings anymore because he literally couldn't feel his fingers. That's usually a pretty good sign that it's time to head home.

In this epic effort, we think we got a lot of good pictures. But we asked the judges and they decided it would sort of violate the spirit of our 100 days project to just publish pictures from the frozen sea every day for the next couple weeks. So, we invite readers to kill the last few minutes of their workday on Friday checking out this slideshow of 20 or so images of people and landscape on the ice of the Baltic (or Gulf of Riga if you insist).


Carrie said...

Lovely photos!

Mary Ann said...

Wow. Great photos. The colors are beautiful.