Saturday, January 30, 2010

Heels on the Baltic (13/100)

The women of Latvia (or at least a certain subset of them) wear high heels everywhere. Going to the beach for a stroll on the frozen waves? You might want to scale back from the towering stilettos to something slightly shorter. She's on the smooth ice now, but the frozen water alternated between skating-rink smooth and seriously uneven in the shape of ripples and waves. Insane and amazing (whether we refer here to the ice or the footwear selections of some beach-goers is left up to the reader).

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MLE said...

It must be an Eastern European thing. When I was on my big Europe trip almost ten years ago now (yikes!), one of the things that stood out most to me when I was in Poland was how the women all wore really inadvisably teetery footwear - and that was summer. I can't imagine someone wearing five-inch stilettos on ice who doesn't have a death wish, but hey, whatever floats her boat, right?