Monday, January 18, 2010

The Holla Presents: 100 Days of Latvia

When this journal started, we mostly reported on what was happening in Guatemala, in large part because we left Guatemala somewhat less frequently than we leave Latvia. There was a lot to see in Guatemala, while here it's easy to hop around Europe and see big new cities and such. But there's a lot to see in Latvia, too. It's a pretty place, and our time here is running out. While we certainly have a couple more out-of-country trips in the cards, we're going to try to give those a little less attention here and post at least one item from Latvia for each of the next 100 days. Sometimes it will just be pictures the photography department likes, sometimes just illustrations of something borderline noteworthy about living in Riga.

And since we're starting this in one of the coldest Januaries in several years, there may be quite a few pictures that aren't too different from the one above. This one was taken in Mezaparks ("Forest Park"), which is a big wooded park, crisscrossed with walking trails - or snowshoe/cross-country ski trails when there is enough snow.


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