Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Of Barcelona: Yum, Squids.

Your correspondents received a snazzy book for Christmas in which the fine people of National Geographic tell you the best places in the world to eat various things. Some items were obscure. If you love clams, by the way, you must go to Ipswich. But on a list claiming to detail the ten best markets in the world, Barcelona's Boqueria made the cut. Setting aside what an insane claim it is to rank the best markets in the world, given that every city of any size in the whole world has one, your corrspondents have to say the Boqueria was pretty impressive. For example, it features opportunities to both eat delicious grilled squid and to admire artfully arrayed squids on ice. The best of both worlds.

Oh, and all the other fruits of the sea!

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