Saturday, April 17, 2010

My Self-Declared National Holiday (90/100)

One of the places in Latvia that your correspondent will remember particularly fondly is the big summer beer garden in Dome Square. I personally think that the first day the Dome Square beer gardens are open should be declared a holiday so we can all spend the relatively warm middle of the day there. When I found out on April 15 that they would be opening for the year that day, I went immediately after work - and found that they were still busy making final preparations for a presumed opening later that night. I managed to rally some troops for a visit on Friday, the first weekend night of the season. Unfortunately, it was chilly and eventually rainy, so we huddled under the tent next to heat lamps and enjoyed our beers only slightly less for it. It turns out maybe it's a little early to start spending all day in the beer garden, which is probably the only reason it's not a real national holiday yet.

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