Saturday, April 24, 2010

More Signs of Spring (97/100)

Our smattering of regular readers are probably about as tired now of posts about emergent spring as they were a few months ago of posts about how snowy and dark it was. It was a nice surprise though, on our day trip to Kurzeme, to spot that many of the storks had returned to their summer homes atop telephone poles along the highways of Latvia. It's not rare to see an old pole that no longer has any wires connected to it, in the middle of a field, still standing because it has a stork's nest on top.

The picture above was actually intended to be of the stork. The picture below was supposed to be of the building, but happened to catch some stork derriere as a bonus.


Rita Johnson said...

Love the pics of stork nests....

You have a lot of pictures of cloudy skies. Is that normal for Latvia?

Anonymous said...

Stork derriere - LOL! That's awesome.