Wednesday, April 21, 2010

The Dolls of Sabile (94/100)

To the best of our knowledge, this is a folk-art display, of sorts. It is clear that someone has invested a lot of time making these mannequins/dolls/figures, dressing them in thrift-store clothing, and standing them up in this yard in Sabile, Latvia. They all have the same face, they all stand perfectly upright and perfectly still. Many were positioned around other thrift-store items, say, using an old lawnmower or riding an old bicycle. Standing bolt upright in an empty yard, the grass still brown from the winter, with the neighbors watching visitors and occasionally pulling some water up from their front-yard well (!), the effect was actually a little creepy. I presume that the gentleman on the left in the picture below (the real person in the background, not the life-size doll in the green coat) was the creator of this installation project. But the whole thing was a little creepy and your correspondents never really summoned the nerve to go ask about it. Rather, we dropped a few coins in the box labeled "Donations for Doll Clothes" and made a hasty retreat.

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