Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Morocco 22

It took some serious wandering to get away from the tourist souk and into a section of town that seemed to be selling stuff for locals. But when you come to a spot where a kid has a table about five feet wide and filled with cute yellow chicks for sale, you've probably found the local area of the market. Sadly, that kid did not want his picture taken.

Instead, we offer this photo of a tailor who makes djellabas, or as we call them in America, "Jawa robes." You can see his entire shop here, with the staff photographer shooting from a foot or two out in the street. Most notably, this gentlemen sold baby-size djellabas, finding which had been something of a quest over the course of the trip. Tip to Moroccan tourist souk people: If prominently displayed in one of the primary tourist shopping areas, you would almost certainly make a killing on baby-size djellabas, or at the very least djellabas for children (age 8? 10?) roughly the size of Jawas.

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