Monday, May 14, 2012

Morocco 14

Another business on the main road in Fez medina. I think these are bottles of rosewater, since the sign says "eau de rose", but the sign also says a lot of other stuff and there were other signs cropped out of the picture that mentioned lots of other flowers and herbs. Sadly my zero level of Arabic and hodgepodge French was insufficient to nail down further detail. This kid was happy to have his picture taken, and then the staff photographer proceeded to take some close-up pictures of the bottles and such, and then the kid decided that was enough pictures and asked me to quit. And then the guy selling newspapers or something next to him started arguing with the kid in Arabic - given the timing, perhaps about whether I should be allowed to keep taking pictures or not. Obviously there is some sort of community discussion or policy debate regarding proper interaction with the camera-toting tourist hordes.

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