Saturday, May 12, 2012

Morocco 12

Best thing about Fez, in comparison with the perhaps more famous Marrakesh: Each one has a magnificent medina, or old town, with winding alleys occupied by souks, or markets. But in Marrakesh there seems to be a pretty clear, and sizable, section of town that is the "tourist souk." In Fez, this process is clearly underway, and there are a few stretches that are tourist-dominated. But there are also stretches of medina that seem somewhat mixed. I.e., there are still people selling stuff that is obviously for locals not too far from the places selling leather slippers and handbags for tourists. The guy pictured above, selling mostly grains for cooking (I think), was along the main street heading from the most famous city gate to the most famous mosque. It seems only a matter of time before this prime real estate is dominated by nothing but tourist-market shops, but that time hasn't happened yet. (He was one of many who I think agreed to have his picture taken and then ignored the staff photographer as he shot, which is kind of perfect.)

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