Friday, May 18, 2012

Morocco 18

We were only in Meknes for a couple hours. Maybe three. But here we are with a second picture from Meknes. A second picture of a door, no less. Or really, the people near the door. And what doors!

We thought we had some great pictures from the market areas in Meknes, which were really truly local markets, and involved nobody hassling tourists, and it turns out were quite easy to get legitimately lost in. But those pictures aren't as good as these atmospheric dudes in front of atmospheric doors. There are also so many walls in Meknes fencing off old cities and various grounds belonging to the King that I had a hard time tracking what walls I was inside and which ones I was outside of. But this, in any case, is an impressive gate from a big city wall. Like yesterday, perhaps worth clicking on to see it a bit bigger, if you have a moment.

Tomorrow, if I'm not mistaken, Marrakesh!

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Anonymous said...

Stunning tile work! and arches!