Sunday, February 13, 2011

Previously, in Hawaii...

The Lovely Katherine has forbidden the Holla staff from publishing the pictures of her swimming in one of the two awesome waterfall pools we hiked to because they have her in them. Here's a picture of the waterfall by someone else, though. So anyway, your television-addled (Netflix-addled?) correspondents found a lot of the goofy sights along the way reminded us of Lost. Sometimes just scenic coastlines, like the one above, but then also random towers of loudspeakers (tsunami warning systems, I think) against backdrops of lush green valleys. Driving around Maui, we saw some isolated little towns that seemed very Lost-y.

But then we got to Molokai. It's a whole other world of Lost-iness. First, when hiking deep valleys and crossing rivers you come across wrecks like the jeep immediately above. If only it were a blue VW bus... But to top it all off, we got to our accommodations, which were literally half an hour driving from anything else resembling civilization, and discover them to be this odd arrangement of bungalows, mostly empty, facing the sea and half-overgrown with greenery, studded with random bits of sidewalk leading to nowhere. There can be little doubt that this place on way Western tip of Molokai was the inspiration for the Dharma initiative town where The Others lived. (Pictured by night below.) So we decided to hit the road for Japan to make sure our story didn't end as badly as Lost did.

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