Tuesday, February 08, 2011

Of Hawaii: Pictures from the Top of a Volcano

As nice as our little slice of beach was, your correspondents, intrepid as ever, felt obliged to get out exploring. Diving and kayaking, though we did see amazing wildlife at close range during both activities, were not conducive to photography, what with their proximity to seawater. (And also, divers with underwater cameras are almost always annoying.) We did some hiking around on lava rocks and found an isolated snorkeling beach of our own, but it was cloudy and the pictures are just grey skies and black rocks. Luckily, the top of Maui, and Haleakala National Park is a bit more photogenic. See above, where some Park Ranger arranged this attractive tableau of plants and manhole covers for our enjoyment. Or, if you must, the more traditional shot of the Crater from the hiking trail, below.

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