Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Of Japan: Diorama-Rama

After a fine time being outdoorsy in Hawaii, we spent a few days getting back in touch with what it's like to walk around a real city before returning to The Compound. So, Tokyo. What can you really say about Japan at this point, though? We mostly endeavor to make keep this blog lively by pointing out odd details we notice in our travels. But the things in Japan that strike Americans as odd have been so well-documented as to be a little trite at this point. So several of the next few posts will not be path-breaking in their analysis.

But we did find this fun feature that we had not previously heard of: In a swanky Japanese department store (of the old-fashioned variety with 15 stories and you take the elevator to the sixth floor for housewares and the seventh for children's clothes) we found this: There was a whole section of the store dedicated to these not-all-that-small dioramas, always of a man and a woman in traditional Japanese costume, seated in a room with lanterns. I'm sure they must mean something - if I had to guess, this is something you might give as a wedding gift to ensure a prosperous union/home. But who knows? I'm sure one of our many worldly readers who has spent time in Japan will comment shortly to explain.

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