Friday, February 11, 2011

Of Molokai: An Apology

I would like to here publicly apologize to everyone I know in the real world, but above all my brother, for failing to notice this sign at the airport in time. Because the airport is tiny, there's a stop-sign t-intersection where you leave it, and you can't help but read the big sign that says "Slow Down - This is Molokai." But maybe you don't even notice the next sign, which advises that if you go to the post office in Hoolehua you can mail a coconut to someone. My brother obviously needs a Molokai coconut, and I failed him. I could say it's because we were there on a Sunday and a Federal holiday, but really, that wasn't the only issue. Sorry, man.

Oh, also: I promise to get over to ISAF and get your Xmas presents in the mail before our next vacation.

1 comment:

Dan said...

Man, I knew you were a big jerk, but to NOT MAIL ME A COCONUT?! UNACCEPTABLE!

Some people, man. Only ever thinking about themselves...