Wednesday, February 09, 2011

Of Molokai

After a delightful week on Maui -- spent in equal parts driving scenic roads, being outdoorsy, drinking rum on the beach, and wandering around Safeway (and/or Foodland) -- we parted ways with family and set off for a more secluded island with less resorts and industrial tourism: Moloka'i. And we succeeded, because we got there and had no idea what to do with ourselves for a few days and weren't totally sure we'd be able to figure it out. Fear not: eventually, we did.

More pictures to come, but we're starting off with this favorite, from the green area just a couple hundred yards from a beach that was at least a mile long, completely isolated, and had the hugest, most dangerous-looking surf you can imagine. And of course, that is right where you would need a sink.

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