Saturday, March 13, 2010

Warehouse (55/100)

Riga is not a big city. But it's still surprising that just a few blocks from our apartment, and thus not terribly far from the center, you can find a huge tract empty except for an old abandoned building like this one. It was apparently once a long, narrow warehouse of some sort, lined with loading-docks and doors on each side. Now there isn't even a road that leads to it.


Riga City Photos said...

Where is this place? Skanstes area?

Riga City Photos said...

Btw, Riga is not "big"? It isn't "gigantic" or "enormous" like Shanghai, New York or Paris, but it definitely earns to be called "big". Big enough for me, who lives 6 years and actively explore the city and still discover new and new interesting places of whom I hadn't a clue before.

Matt said...

Yes - this is down where Skanstes runs into Hanzas iela.

And I mean Riga no offense when I say it's not "big." But I'm from the U.S. and we have about 50 cities bigger than Riga, when you include suburbs. But next time I'll say it's not "huge"!