Sunday, March 14, 2010

Dinamo Playoffs (56/100)

Riga is in love with their hockey team. While there are professional leagues in basketball (although it's falling apart due to bankruptcy) and soccer (which nobody pays too much attention to, except when one of the teams makes a run in the UEFA tournaments), the Riga Dinamo hockey club is the one that people get really fired up about. And they are particularly fired up at the moment. The Dinamo just pulled off a huge upset, winning an opening-round playoff series against SKA St. Petersburg, the regular-season conference champs. This is sort of like if the Oakland A's winning a playoff series against the Yankees. Above is some unexceptional footage from the third game in the playoff series, which your correspondent attended, and which was the only game the Dinamo lost. I hope I'm not the curse - I've never seen them win in person.

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