Saturday, March 27, 2010

I Have Won Second Prize in a Bowling Contest! (69/100)

...and if you have seen me bowl, you know this must not have been a very serious crowd of bowlers. Participating in a club that organizes mixers of sorts for diplomats and businessmen, your correspondent bowled for the third time in Latvia, after having bowled perhaps once in the eight years previous. The above picture is the Moldovan Ambassador to Latvia, who improved with each game from basically zero, perhaps due to practice or perhaps because everyone bowls better after a couple beers.

In any case, he exemplified the fact that much of my competition had even more limited bowling experience than I do. Thus, I was awarded the runner-up prize: a handsome set of six small glass bowls. I was hoping for a giant trophy suitable for display in my office. The package with the glass bowls does not quite fit that function, but they are much better for serving dessert or displaying strawberries.

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