Monday, March 29, 2010

Trees (71/100)

Your correspondent likes this picture because, for some reason, it gives me the impression that the fence is valiantly holding back the forest, keeping the abandoned parking lot safe for another generation. Maybe you don't get that impression. Somewhat related fun facts: Over half of Latvia is covered with forest, and the number has been growing in recent years. They love trees, but for now I think the forest has just been growing faster than they can sell it.


fsowannabe said...

I see the fence more as a token sacrifice to the forest as it inexorably creeps over and through it. BTW, w/r/t to your post 65, is the Latvian economy crashing (and if so, what are the factors - no housing bubbles there I presume)?

Anonymous said...

Awesome commentary - loved the part about the fence valiantly holding the forest back in!

Too witty!