Thursday, March 04, 2010

Cafe Gauja (45/100)

A series of pictures from a fun bar that is reportedly decorated in the nostalgic style of a Soviet apartment. Easy to believe for this correspondent. The highlight was obviously the above-pictured giant floor-standing cabinet radio, with bands listing the names of cities across the former communist world, such as "Рига" (Riga).

The Lovely Katherine lounges in front of the baby-blue-and-silver wallpaper and fine Soviet art.

The shelves are stacked with relics of the old days, such as these 45's pressed on flimsy plastic, apparently bought in a booklet where one could tear out each page and play it on a turntable.

Check out the lapels. A million American hipsters would kill to have that coat today.

Soviet news magazine from 1990, featuring Bush 1 and Gorby in Helsinki. I wish I actually spoke enough Russian to do more than decipher the word "Helsinki" to see what kind of spin they put on it.

And of course, showing off that hipsters are the same all over the world, the bathroom featured this "For a Free Tibet" sticker on the door.

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Brian... said...

Your blog cracks me up. From the hipster comments to your photos of co-workers with chips and awkwardly posed bystanders, I say well done sir, well done.