Wednesday, December 09, 2009

Tough Times

Your correspondent went to a hockey game tonight. It was our second of the season, and we were saddened to find that in the intervening months, the cheerleaders have been laid off. This is surely a lagging indicator -- the economy here may or may not be bottoming out depending on who you talk to, but it will take time to trickle down to hockey ticket sales and then to hockey cheerleaders. But then again, not that I've been to a lot of NHL games, but cheerleaders have never struck me as an integral part of the hockey experience. Above is a picture from the game we attended in October, where there was a young dancing lady with pom-poms positioned at each of the entryways leading from the concourse with the beer stands to the seats.

Although our sample size is low, we can further surmise that the cheerleaders had no discernible impact, as the Riga Dinamo lost each game we've attended by two goals.

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The Diplomat's Wife said...

You can be sure I will not be attending any further hockey games without the promise of cheerleaders. Boo financial crisis. Go force cutbacks somewhere else.