Monday, December 07, 2009


Reports on some of the random events in Latvia in recent months have been put off in order to report promptly on our frequent European travels. To whatever portion of our modest readership really wants to hear more about life in Latvia: sorry we've been gone so much, but they put so many holidays in November.

In any case, way back in late October, the U.S.S. Ramage, a missile destroyer, came for a stop in Riga. This is nice for the sailors since they get to escape the ship for a bit, and it's nice for the Embassy because we get to invite some people we like to go check out a destroyer and build goodwill. Also, while escorting our guests, we diplomats ourselves get to check out the ship.

What I can tell you after intensive investigation: First, a destroyer is a big ship -- Too big, really, to get a cool picture of while you're actually on the ship, or even nearby. Second, for the purpose of hosting snazzy diplomatic functions like the one your correspondent attended with various Lativan VIPs, the U.S.S. Ramage sails all over the world with a mold for making a big American eagle ice sculpture that can be displayed with the platter of cocktail shrimp or such. If you want lots more information about the Ramage itself, your correspondent will have to refer you to wikipedia.


Carrie said...

What, no picture of the ice sculpture?

Anonymous said...

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