Thursday, December 24, 2009

Christmas in Riga, Christmas Eve Edition

Rigans are a fairly hearty lot. They don't hang around outside in the winter as if temperatures many degrees below zero were no big deal, but they mostly don't let it stop them from getting out and about. Your correspondents endeavored to do some Christmas shopping at the Christmas markets of Riga, including this one on the far-less-touristy left bank of the Daugava (a neighborhood cleverly known as "Pardaugava" or "Across the Daugava"). It was a nice little market, and we apologize to each and every reader that we did not buy you a little felt wine-bottle cozy shaped like Santa Claus. In any case, it was well below freezing out, and yet this troupe were out singing and even playing the accordion and violin - which I have to guess is pretty tough when you can't feel your fingers. And while we were not convinced to buy any Santa wine-cozies, we wish there had been wolf-head hats on offer, as seen on the accordionist.

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