Thursday, December 03, 2009

Of Poland: Don't forget the beer!

Also in Krakow: A lot of really good bars. An embarrassment of good bars. We couldn't visit them all. Didn't stop us from trying. I guess if you want a town with good bars, it doesn't hurt to have a lot of students and a seasonal burst of tourists to keep them rolling in cash.

In Warsaw: Not so many good bars. The above picture is from a typically Central-European bar; I.e., a dark basement with a bunch of wooden tables and a tap somewhere. Lucky for Central Europe, they have good beer. The other bar we stopped by in Warsaw did feature maybe the happiest, drunkest group of 50-year-olds I've ever seen, so at least they were putting the bar to good use.

Below: Walking proof that the people of Krakow are dedicated to the lively art of beer consumption, or at least getting money from tourists who are.

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