Friday, May 08, 2009

Of Florence: A Picture of a Carousel

I really think it's great that there are some people who apparently have subscribed to the Holla feed or otherwise check in regularly. Maybe even a couple who aren't related to me. Really, thanks. I'm trying to put something interesting here every weekday. But sometimes I just can't (or maybe just don't) keep up with it. If only each of you regular readers would agree to pay me one-tenth of my regular salary, I could quit my day job.

In any case, here is a picture from the Piazza della Repubblica in Florence that turned out actually pretty well given that it was taken with a handheld point-and-shoot camera. But it ain't art. Sorry; it's past the editor-in-cheif's bedtime already.


Great Big Nerd said...

The hostel we stayed at was straight down that street in the right of the frame, about one block. Not that you or anyone cares. We just walked past this carousel a lot when we were in Florence.

Dick and Rita Johnson said...
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Dick and Rita Johnson said...

We are two of those people who regularly read your postings with few return comments. Sorry but thanks to the melt down of the US Stock Market we won't be able to contribute our 1/10 share of your salary. But we are also OK with not seeing postings every day.

We love to follow your travels and look forward to all the interesting stories when you return to Colorado for a visit.