Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Of Florence: The Mighty Vespa

The Vespa is a classic of Italian design, and still frequently used in Florence. And probably in Rome, but we don't remember.

There are a lot of other motor scooters out there, and while the staff photographer sat on the side of the bridge trying to get some good panning shots of the traffic zipping by, he captured all variety from tiny scooters to full on touring motorcycles. But sorting through the pictures, the Vespas stand out, even when the blurry pictures reveal the staff photog's limited ability to pull off a panning shot. (For the non-photographers out there, the idea is to move the camera to keep a moving object in focus with the background blurry.)

The other side of things is array of fashions on display. Those scooter riders of Florence wear some colorful shoes. I guess none of the colorful shoes made the cut this time, but there were a lot. Of course, maybe it's just that everyone looks stylish when zipping along on a Vespa.

Because we did not exactly do a lot of planning ahead on this trip, we failed to reserve a timed ticket for the Uffizi gallery before they were sold out. Which, over May Day weekend, meant a three-hour wait in line. We took turns, but the staff photographer definitely came out ahead with a lot of time sitting out on this bridge shooting scooters.

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