Thursday, May 07, 2009

Of Florence: Mosaics Great and Small

Did you know there is some famous art in Florence? It is true. One can barely walk without stepping on something famous by Michelangelo or Raphael or Donatello or Leonardo and maybe even some decent artist who never had a Ninja Turtle named after him.

Some of the famous pieces are cool to behold in person, and some less so. But it is the editorial policy of this publication that you can never go wrong with an ancient mosaic. Below is a mosaic as big as a house, and above is one as small as a matchbox. Both were awesome.

The Lovely Katherine, for her part, points out that approximately half of all paintings in Florence, whether Gothic or Renaissance, feature a beheading -- which was apparently all the rage back then.


Great Big Nerd said...

Yeah, the Uffizi was a minor disappointment to me. It was pretty cool to see a bunch of stuff I'd just been studying in my art history classes - but I never really had my mind blown and other than some of their really famous and historically important works, there sure are a whole lot of paintings and sculptures of rich dead dudes there, for which I have only so much patience.

Anonymous said...

When Debra and I were in Florence, I was barred from the Uffizi and we barely made it to Venice, and even then only for a day. It was part Debra's overall policy of not letting me see anything which you might, say, come to Italy to see.

Anonymous said...

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