Wednesday, May 20, 2009

More from Baltic Pride

A little more from Saturday's Riga Gay Pride parade, which your faithful correspondent covered for his day job. Homosexuality is still controversial enough in Latvia that the city council tried to ban the gay pride parade, and though they were not successful there were still plenty of opponents there to hurl epithets.
As a highly politically charged event, we can't really say a whole lot about it since we were there in our official capacity.

Most of the anti-parade protesters, who outnumbered the participants in the gay pride parade itself, were kept outside the parade grounds by riot police. For some reason unclear to your correspondent, this woman was allowed in, wearing a quasi-habit and a cross tied to her chest. She stood silently blocking the parade route for long stretches, as above, where the marchers to the right have been standing still long enough for the press to conduct an interview. At one point when the parade people decided to just go around her, she feigned that they had knocked her to the ground and wounded her, much to the delight of the gathered press. It was quite a scene.

P.s. We're going on leave for a few days, which would have meant more pictures than words coming up anyway.

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