Saturday, February 27, 2010

Oriental Oriental (41/100)

The photo department was looking for a hockey picture to put up, in honor of the Latvian hockey team's valiant, if ill-fated, Olympic efforts. I think in the end, they basically came in last in the Olympics. But they took the Czechs to overtime when it mattered, in the elimination part of the tournament. That game was at 5:00 in the morning here, and I saw the last bit of it at the gym in the morning. All the treadmills and stationary bikes facing the televisions were unusually full at 7:00 AM as the Latvians tied it up and sent it to overtime. The Czechs scored at six minutes into overtime, maybe about 7:26 local time. And at perhaps 7:27, all the treadmills and stationary bikes were empty. In fact, the whole gym felt kind of quiet and empty. This country loves its hockey team.

This picture, in any case, was from a Riga Dinamo game - they're the local participants in the mostly-Russian Continental Hockey League. The staff photographer merely wanted to document the fact that the Riga hockey arena has a food vendor called "Oriental Oriental," where if you look at the posted menu, the three items for sale are all beer. But then my colleague for some reason decided that I was trying to take a picture of his potato chips. And then some random guy walked into the middle of the picture, and decided if he leaned back a few inches, he might not wind up in the middle of it.

It's past 11:00 PM here and we haven't posted anything yet, so here we are. I hope and pray that this is the worst picture we wind up presenting in this "100 Days of Latvia" effort. If we wind up with another one like this, we may have to call it off for the safety of our few readers.

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