Monday, February 15, 2010

Coffee Time (29/100)

Your correspondent doesn't recall seeing these coffee carts last winter. But maybe he's just forgetful. The whole concept of "take-away coffee" has yet to really take off in Latvia. Street food in general is not very popular here, maybe in some part because there are a good six months each year when not many people want to be on the streets. In larger part, it's just a cultural difference. People don't see why you would be in such a rush that you couldn't sit down and enjoy a meal, or they think of it as sort of dirty to be eating on a public street, or they just don't really like sandwiches and other foods that are easy to eat on the run - no meal is complete without soup, and it's hard to walk and eat soup. It's good to see inroads developing on the coffee front - an obvious and basic first step.

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