Wednesday, February 03, 2010

I Love You, Bars (17/100)

"I Love You Bars" could be an English-language statement of dedication to drinking establishments, and one that your correspondents could imagine themselves saying and meaning it, if we thought bars could love us back. But "bārs" is the Latvianized version of the word "bar." ("Bars" without the line over the "a" means "crowd", in a fun coincidence). And "I Love You" is not Latvianized at all, it's just a funny thing to call a bar. Anyway, we'd never been there in our time here, but while strolling by we happened to glimpse through a window a live band playing in what could be described as the incredibly intimate space of the I Love You Bars basement. We couldn't actually squeeze in during the show and just enjoyed a beer and listened from the top of the stairs, then popped downstairs to check out the space once the crowd was dispersing.

One of the ways that Riga is swell is that one can run into events like this randomly. It's not a scene that's going to take over the world, but it's nice none-the-less.

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