Tuesday, February 23, 2010

In Which Your Correspondents Take the First Step to Olympic Glory (37/100)

Your correspondents, checking off one of the must-do activities in Latvia, did a run down the bobsled (or "bobsleigh" if you must) track in Sigulda, Latvia. This is the home track to the 2010 Olympic silver medalists in skeleton and two-man luge. Word is that this is one of only ten tracks in the world where the sporting public can pay a ridiculous sum to go down a real bobsled track in a real bobsled.

The whole thing lasted about a minute, and on average tourist bobsleds hit 100 kilometers an hour. It's not cheap - over a dollar a second, to be honest -- but it's definitely worth it. Video of the ride above, until the point when the camera gave out due to either the cold or the vibrations. (I hope Sean Paul doesn't mind the incidental inclusion of his classic "Get Busy" which was playing at the starter's gate. If you are Sean Paul's lawyer, please let us know and we'll take it down.) Other than the video, the most lasting effect of the ride was a very sore neck. Those Olympic bobsled guys must have the strongest neck muscles in the world.

If you didn't guess that yesterday's picture was a bobsled track, covered with a tarp to keep the snow off, here's a wider view of the last bit of the track from the finish line.

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