Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Of Spain: Tapas Bars

If we were to present a more representative sample of our time in Spain, at least half of the content would be pictures of tapas bars. We really enjoy Latvia, and there's a lot to like here - including some very nice bars. But not unlike Guatemala, it will never be known for having one of the world's great cuisines. Spain is more of a contender in that category and it has great bars to eat it in. Oh, and a lot more of them than Riga has. Each night we (or at least I) thought we would head to a couple places and get a couple dishes at each, but there were always too many good things on the menu and we wound up basically eating several dinners each night. It was a tough problem, but we soldiered through.

Here are a couple bars that we managed to get mostly-not-too-blurry pictures of.

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