Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Of Spain: Cavemen

We saw a lot of the usual stuff in Andalucia. Moorish architecture, for example. Cathedrals and such. Beaches and tapas bars. We did make it to a couple off-the-beaten-path sights. E.g.: Above is the grand headquarters building for the Dolmenes de Antequera (apparently not open yet, but also apparently they're not in any hurry to be occupy it, either, so now it's sitting there, looking pretty much complete but with no roads or trails leading to it).

This is the Menga Dolmen. "Dolmen" is apparently a word in English, too; it roughly means "a prehistoric structure made out of a giant stone roof on top of giant stone walls." Inside? A well, for some reason, and basically nothing else.

This is the adjacent Viera Dolmen. A somewhat smaller doorway, and not much space inside. They are both thought to be 4000 or more years old, and to be tombs for prehistoric VIPs. Exactly what needs to happen in the giant new headquarters building to keep these structures sitting there remains a mystery.

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