Thursday, October 22, 2009

Of Spain: Churchy Stuff

Cathedrals are great and all, with their soaring ceilings and gilt altarpieces and flying buttresses. But like a college kid doing a whirlwind summer tour of the Continent, after a year in Europe, your correspondent is maybe slightly jaded by all the grandiosity. That said, the Cathedral in Seville still held a few delights, of course. Take, for example, the reliquary above. I've never been much on the treasure rooms in cathedrals, other than for the humor value of contemplating some ancient church guy thinking he really had an authentic fingernail of Saint Sebastian or whatever. But maybe I'll look closer in the future because these reliquaries were really kind of fun, crammed as they were with little unidentifiable (despite labels) bits of holy whatever in their elaborate casings.

Also, I liked this crazy oval-shaped room stuck in one corner of the building. (Pictured with crazy shape due to auto-stitching together several pictures.) I don't really know what it was for - I admit that I don't know a sacristy from a apse. Maybe I need to visit more cathedrals, after all.

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