Monday, August 03, 2009

Of the Curonian Spit

We really have been spending a bunch of time in Latvia lately, and promised to post more about it, but now: a bit of a detour to Lithuania, which is close enough. Which is not to say that the Baltic States are all the same - they're definitely not. But it's hard to feel like you're going on a huge international journey when you go a few hours away and they don't even check your passport unless they pull you over for speeding. (About which, I don't know if it was the diplomatic ID that got me off without a ticket, but if it was, it - the US government doesn't really stand behind diplomatic immunity for those of us speeding to try to catch a ferry for a weekend off the mainland.)

Anyway, with some out-of-town guests, we went to the Curonian Spit for a weekend, which is a sort of long, forested sandbar jutting out into the Baltic Sea. Bonus points to readers who can name any other geographic formation that is actually in its place-name called a "spit."

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Anonymous said...

Points to Mom - Dungeness Spit, a long sand bar jutting out from the north coast of the Olympic Peninsula in Washington State, at the town of Dungeness. Just west of Sequim (pronounced squim).

Woo hoo!