Thursday, August 27, 2009

Of Cape Kolka

Where the Gulf of Riga meets the Baltic Sea, there is an unusually pointy bit of land called Cape Kolka. It is relatively remote, and turns out to feature a quite nice beach with smaller crowds and fewer women in high heels than the beaches closer to Riga. It does, however, feature some naked sunbathers of the variety you would maybe rather not see naked, but we're willing to recognize that as one of the little difference that makes living in Europe nice. Vive la difference and all that. The monument above commemorates the sailors and fishermen who have lost their lives to the sea here, which is apparently quite turbulent in the winter. Even in the summer, one can notice the unusually rough water where the currents from the Gulf and the Sea meet. This is all relative, since relatively rough for the Baltic would be kind of kiddie-size waves in California, but it was still enough to merit the imperfectly translated but perfectly clear warning pictured below.

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