Friday, July 31, 2009

Rundale Gardens

The gardens were ornate.

The "Ancient Music" concert was cool for a little while, but apparently one of the innovations that happened between Ancient Music and Modern Music was the discovery that a musician was allowed to learn more than one song. They would play some little phrase, and then repeat fifty times, and that was a song. And then the conductor or harpsichord player or whoever would wave his arms to get people pumped up, but even the most enthusiastic fans of this genre don't really get "pumped up" about ancient harpsichord music. And then the next song would have an only slightly different phrase, again repeated ad infinitum. It was like all of the boredom of the Grateful Dead, except without pot brownies for sale in the parking lot. And then they had a fireworks display set to music, sort of, except it involved standing up to get a good view and then listening to a really long song, and then the "synchronization" was that once the song ended, the fireworks went off. Sorry, Ancient Music People. It was a lovely night out in the palace gardens, but I have to call them like I see them.

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