Thursday, July 30, 2009

Rundale Interior

The new thing in all the museums here is that it costs extra if you want permission to use your camera. They ought to charge by the photo - especially with the people here who want their picture taken in front of paintings that they like or that are famous. Of course compliance rates are another question because the staff photographer didn't pay but then couldn't resist a single shot of the opulent interior of Rundale palace. We'll pay extra next time we go. The interior is pretty nutty, with different colors of lush wallpaper in each room and uncomfortable chairs in matching upholstery and boring portraits of rich people. The most striking part of the interiors were the enormous ceramic fireplace/furnace/heater things in each room, covered in white-and-blue painted tiles. You'll have to use your imagination for what they look like, since we were not willing to risk a second picture.

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Anonymous said...

Nor did you risk sitting in that ornate chair? tee hee...