Wednesday, July 22, 2009

What to Wear to a Country Music Festival

We wish the staff photographer had brought the big camera with the telephoto lens to capture the above gentleman in all his countrified glory. There were a few Latvians dressed in a country-concert style that would have made Waylon Jennings proud. Even clicking on it to see the full version doesn't reveal the details of the belt buckle and the black hat and the beer bottle than he managed to hide somewhere before entering the concert grounds. This display of true American country style was far overwhelmed by the people who just put on a "cowboy hat" - which basically meant any full-brim hat this side of a fedora.

Of course, in keeping with local custom, the women had to dress in a more alluring form of "country" clothing. I don't think it would blend in well at a country show in the U.S.

Well, maybe a Toby Keith concert, but other than that, I doubt it.


Anonymous said...

The guy with the black hat really does look like Hank Williams Jr.


Anonymous said...

I left my comment on the wrong posting. Still look like east coast chicks going to a county concert.