Tuesday, April 07, 2009

Of Prague

OK, so a week ago or so, we were in Prague. That is one atmospheric city. Have you been? You should. They apparently did a really good job of not getting their stuff blown up over the last hundred years, so they still have lots of old Gothic and baroque stuff. Also: Great beer. Also also: A Foreign Service friend-of-a-friend who let us stay with her and therefore save all that hotel money for more overpriced (for Prague, but still a bargain compared to Washington, where overpriced is standard) beer at sidewalk cafes with views of cool old buildings.

The Lovely Katherine was concerned that today's Prague wouldn't hold up to her mid-1990's memories of it. Maybe it did, and maybe it didn't; but there's certainly something to be said for traveling while at a station in life that the dirt-cheapness of the beer isn't one's primary concern.

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