Thursday, April 23, 2009

Of Moscow: Best Bar in Town

We tried to find a good bar on our last day in town, to relax for a little bit before sitting in the truly world-class traffic on the way out to the airport. But Moscow doesn't seem to do bars. If you want to go somewhere and buy a beer, you can go to a restaurant and pay too much, or I suppose you can go to a club and pay way, way too much. Luckily, we happened upon what we're sure is the best bar in town. Pictured above is one of the many, many kiosks that offers a broad variety of beers for sale on the street by the single bottle. We bought a couple and enjoyed them hanging out by the entrance to the Metro. As much as we would like to claim credit, your correspondents did not come up with this idea on our own. In fact, there was a great river of people heading down into the Metro, and at any point 25 or 30 of them were taking a break from the commute, just hanging out near the stairway, having a beer. The people watching was fantastic; the sun was shining; the beer was cheap (ridiculously cheap by Moscow standards): It was clearly the best bar in Moscow, and maybe the world.

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