Wednesday, April 08, 2009

Of Prague: One Million Spanish Teenagers

Yes, one million. Your correspondent lost count at several hundred, but using advanced methods of sampling, can say with 95% certainty that there were one million teenage kids from the Mediterranean in tour groups in Prague the weekend we were there. Some of them might have been Italian. But many of them yelled a lot, and when they did, it was often in Spanish.

This is a picture from a centuries-old Jewish graveyard, packed so tight with headstones that they are leaning up against one another, ancient and crooked and mossy. Fortunately, your correspondent had to share only half of the time he was there with thirty Spanish high-schoolers who seemed to be vaguely interested in Prague and unsurprisingly more interested in each other.

The center of the city was almost unpleasantly full of tourists. No doubt, that's what keeps the city's economy afloat, but given how full it felt in March, I would not want to be there in August, no matter how charming the city may be.


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